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Receiving Treatment for Opiate Addiction

opiate addiction treatmentThe hallmark of all addictions is denial, and opiate addiction is no exception. People tend to long remain in denial about their opiate addiction because the prospect of having to quit opiates is scary on many levels. Many people become opiate addicts because they become addicted to a prescription medication version of opiates. Opiates are prescribed to help a person withstand pain symptoms, or sometimes to help a person sleep. It takes no time at all to develop a dependence on opiates, and they are some of the most frequently abused prescription medications there are.

People often become scared to quit opiates because of how effective they are at minimizing pain. Decreasing a dosage would mean having to deal with some pain symptoms, and this is not something many people can approach willingly.

An opiate addict can also be psychologically addicted to opiates. They cause a euphoric effect which many people find intoxicating and they repeatedly use opiates to achieve this euphoria.

And lastly, opiates are one of the only addictive substances that people will continue using, even when they desire to quit, simply because of how awful the withdrawal symptoms are. Many people describe withdrawing from opiates as feeling like they were hit by a bus. The symptoms of opiate withdrawal can range from seizure, fainting, vomiting, shaking, diarrhea, constipation, chills and nausea. These withdrawal symptoms begin to set in when a person reduces their opiate intake even slightly. Many people avoid quitting opiates merely to avoid its withdrawal symptoms.

Fortunately, for opiate addicts everywhere, medically supervised detoxification and inpatient rehab have proven very effective in treating opiate addiction. Detoxification restores the person's physical health to them by having them undergo a carefully overseen and medicated system cleanse, and then rehabilitation treatment helps change an opiate addict's thought and behavioral patterns so that they do not gravitate toward using opiates like they used to. Opiate addiction and withdrawal are intimidating and overpowering, but do not despair. Alcohol and drug rehab detox centers are available to anyone who is willing to take the first step in regaining their lives.

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