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Opiates are narcotic medications which are prescribed by a health specialist for the purpose of managing pain in people. Opioid narcotics comprise medications such as morphine, dihydrocodone, methadone, heroin and the likes.

Opioids are tranquilizers which integrates depression into the central nervous system, while slowing down the proper functioning of the body.

It also reduces the psychological and physical pain.
Some opioid narcotics are used in the way they are meant to be, and for the intended period of time However, some individuals have abused this, and they have become addicted to the good feeling which comes with using narcotic painkillers.

Opiate narcotics, for several years, have been useful in the treatment of pain, inability to sleep, diarrhoea and the likes. They act basically by affecting the opioid receptors in the brain and the central nervous system.

Excessive usage of opioids affects the brain adversely, and it prevents the body from the optimum production of natural opiates, which is a neurotransmitter known as endorphins.

This causes the body to be unable to control and bear the pain, and hence, when the individual tries to quit, it becomes impossible.

A good number of people are addicted to the good feelings of being emotionally well, and these narcotics aid in helping people overcome their past, even though the existing traumas is still in the picture.

Most people who abuse this substance usually find out that, they have become quite tolerant to the prescribed dosage, and hence, they feel there is a need for them to take more, so that they can achieve the needed level of being and staying high.

Hence, in order to support the “high” feeling, some individuals also use other hard drugs in addition to opiates.
Withdrawal from opiate addiction is quite difficult, and there is a need for a skilled health specialist to help out, starting off with detoxification.

The effects which comes with opiate addiction are quite overwhelming and shattering.

Below are some of the effects of opiate abuse:
Loss of one’s job
Child and domestic abuse
Damage to the kidneys and liver
Bad memory

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