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One of the most dreaded aspects of addiction, is opiate addiction, and it is common among youths. There are lots of youths currently fighting against this addiction, and they stand the chance of overdose and lifetime substance addiction.

The reality of opioids being abused is currently on the increase, and it is the result for the current situation known as Opioid Epidemic.

In the United States for instance, the leading cause of accidental death is drug overdose, and if you look at the statistics of fatal overdoses, opioids are majorly involved.

There are some youths who have suffered from varying degrees of injuries, and they got prescribed opioids from doctors to ease the pain.

However, as they take the drug, a tolerance is developed, and if it is not well controlled, it results in an addiction. When a youth is addicted, it often becomes herculean to make safe choices.

In the addiction process, some individuals are known to buy drugs such as Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Oxycodone and Percocet. This is done because they can no longer afford opiates, and the aforementioned drugs are cheaper and they provide similar effects.

One of the factors which promotes opiate addiction among youths is accessibility. Opioids are easily accessible. They can be gotten online, from doctors, drug dealers amongst others.

As a matter of fact, research has also shown that, youths buy illegal opioids, and they have them shipped to their homes, sometimes without the knowledge of their parents.

Also, another reason why opiate addiction exists among youths, is familial opioid addiction. Youths are more likely to be addicted to opioids if any of their family members uses the prescription opioids.

They can easily decide to try it out to check the effect, and also combine them with alcohol and other drugs.

The same applies to friends. If the friend of a youth takes prescription opioids, they can influence their friend to give the drug a trial, as they would convince their friend to fit in.

When opiates are abused, drug use seems normalized and it becomes socially acceptable.